5 Reasons to Consider Tabata Workouts

Tabata Training Will Save You Time and Loose You Weight

Why should you consider doing some Tabata training?

Tabata training provides these 5 benefits at a minimum:

  • A quick, efficient 4 minute workout
  • Improved heart and metabolic rate
  • Weight loss through all day calorie burn
  • Do it anywhere you travel
  • A serious challenge for serious athletes

And the Tabata approach is backed by solid scientific research.

Here’s some more background on Dr. Tabata’s approach.

Why should you start Tabata training? The Tabata protocol is one of the most efficient exercises ever invented. It’s scientifically proven to kick your fitness routine into action.

Dr. Izumi Tabata was curious if there was a way to pack a fierce fitness punch into just four minutes of exercise. So he began to develop his own system to be tested on professional atheletes. The results are tested and true — and were quite an astonishing reveal!

Within just minutes, the body has the ability to kick start the metabolism and begin to burn fat at a faster rate for these added benefits all day. Not to mention you feel the full effects of increased balance, endurance, and agility. Tabata found that taking High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to the next level of practice was the answer to aerobic exercise in just a few minutes.

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